Wildlife Crime Data Integration from Multiple Sources: A Way Forward to ensure Public access to Information and Data Analytics

Over a while, the activities of criminals have expanded due to advancements in information and communication technologies. In this background, police and intelligence agencies have been developing a robust crime database in order to anticipate, prevent and monitor criminal activities. Hence, wildlife crime databases become a vital information system that help enforcement officers to detect…

Early Ecological Knowledge of Ancient Indian People

This article deals with early ecological knowledge that can be gleaned from the ancient Indian scriptures. The early Indian religious texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Arayanyakas, Epics, Puranas and the entire classical Sanskrit literature are the basis of our understanding of the conservation, preservation and management of forests of ancient India. Ancient Indian texts…

Ornamental Gardening and Parks in Chennai – A review

Ornamental gardening is an aesthetic blend of art, nature and science. Gardens have existed throughout the world in most ancient civilisations. Rapid growth of public gardens with plant collections from several parts of the world began in the 17th century. Scientific gardens were established with a number of introduced species of economic and aesthetic importance,…

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