Wildlife Crime Data Integration from Multiple Sources: A Way Forward to ensure Public access to Information and Data Analytics

Over a while, the activities of criminals have expanded due to advancements in information and communication technologies. In this background, police and intelligence agencies have been developing a robust crime database in order to anticipate, prevent and monitor criminal activities. Hence, wildlife crime databases become a vital information system that help enforcement officers to detect and prevent wildlife crimes and to pursue wildlife criminals. Therefore, an attempt has been made in this paper to shed light on the available wildlife crime databases in India. Further, an appeal has been made for the integration of wildlife crime data from various sources and make it available in the public domain. This article has also touched upon the importance of data analytics and crime analysts to handle wildlife crime data.

Keywords: Crime Data, Database, Forest, Police, NCRB, WCCB, Wildlife Crime, Crime Analysis

By Shankar Prakash Alagesan

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