Ornamental Gardening and Parks in Chennai – A review

Ornamental gardening is an aesthetic blend of art, nature and science. Gardens have existed throughout the world in most ancient civilisations. Rapid growth of public gardens with plant collections from several parts of the world began in the 17th century. Scientific gardens were established with a number of introduced species of economic and aesthetic importance, as well as native species of conservation importance. These botanical gardens were centres of germplasm collection, nature education and economic activity. British gardens spread the passion for horticulture and were resources for seeds and other planting materials for the public. Parks as primary recreation spaces were established in the urban landscapes which become places for solitude and contemplation, festivities, social gatherings, study, leisure, painting, poetry, music and everyday activities. In this trend of urbanisation, parks being the green spaces and lungs of the cities are the need of the hour. Green space is one component of biodiversity management and the most obvious.

Keywords : Garden, Parks, green space, green cover, conservation

by Dr. P. Sudhakar

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